FERTAN Rust Remover Concentrated

FERTAN Rust Remover Concentrated

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FERTAN Rust Remover comes as a concentrated liquid which is dilutable to 1:10 parts with water, thus with 1.1 quart (1 Liter) you can produce 2.90 US gal (11 Liters) of efficient rust remover. Thus giving you best price to performance ratio than any other rust removers on the market. 

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One of the most trusted product by industries and classic car enthusiast for rust treatments for over 38 years. FERTAN products have been bestselling rust removers, coatings and primers in Germany and several other European countries for several years now.

FERTAN® RUST REMOVER LIQUID is a fluid concentrate specifically developed for the easy and environmentally friendly removal of rust and corrosion from metal parts. FERTAN RUST REMOVER can be used at full strength or diluted and is a highly effective method for the complete removal of rust on various automotive surfaces.

Recommended for:

• Tools and metal parts
• Casings
• Turbines and machine parts
• Interior surface of a tank

FeDOX Rust Remover (Concentrated) is specially developed for de-rusting of steel parts and inner tank surfaces.


FeDOX can be diluted in water, with maximum dilution ratio of 1:10. The parts to be derusted are then immersed in the solution. The solution can be heated up to 145°F (65°C) for faster derusting. The duration of derusting varies depending on thickness of the parts. Flash rust is removed within 15-45 minutes while thicker layer of rust takes up to 12-24 hours of time. Post derusting the components should be washed with water and coated thereafter immediately with any kind of waxes (ex. Protewax) or primers (ex. FERPOX Epoxy Primer or MM30 Multi Metal Coating).

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