FERTAN Rust Remover Gel

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One of the most trusted product by industries and classic car enthusiast for rust treatments for over 38 years. FERTAN products have been bestselling rust removers, coatings and primers in Germany and several other European countries for several years now.

FERTAN® RUST REMOVER GEL is perfect for the removal of rust and corrosion on metal parts, especially in hard to reach places. The gel can easily be applied using a brush or sponge and has a relatively short reaction time when compared to liquid solutions.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Rust-proofing and maintenance interventions on any material that rusts.


Apply the gel-film at 3 – 5 mm thickness to dissolve the rust. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/ face protection.

1. Apply the gel by brush or sponge, reaction time 10 – 60 minutes.

2. Prevent gel from drying.

3. Remove the residue with water, if necessary with brush or sponge.

4. In case of heavy corrosion repeat the application if necessary. Store in original and well closed bottle and avoid exposing the bottle to sunlight. The optimum temperature for storage is 41°F (5°C) – 77° F (25°C). Best used before one month after opening the bottle.

Protect cleaned surfaces quickly against new corrosion with e.g. MM 30, FERPOX Epoxy primer, paint, wax etc.

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